Archdiocesan Early Childhood Conference Coming Soon!

An inspirational opening address follows prayer, then participants attend three workshops which strengthen professional skills and personal formation. This conference is for anyone who serves children from birth through five years of age. Note: some sessions are available in Spanish. Nota: algunas de las sesiones estarán disponibles en Español. For more information or to register visit

Resources for Children Affected by the Flood

We would like to share a resource provided by Dr. Michaele Dunlap from Oregon.  This is a free resource that is most appropriate for our children affected by the flood.  This informative coloring book is available in English and Spanish.

Nostalgia is inimical to authentic faith

Nostalgia, which looks back to a particular point in the past with longing for its return – no matter what point in the past it might be – is counter-productive at best and idolatrous at worst. An authentic faith, even and especially one grounded in a transcendent hope, must be lived in the present. A helpful reflection and reminder can be found at:

Nostalgia for a “golden age” hurts the Church, both on left and right

The Catholic faith is more than a series of doctrines; it’s a way of seeing and being in the world

This reflection by a convert to Catholicism can be a helpful starting point for those who have been Catholic all their lives to begin to understand how an adequate formation in the faith means much more that merely coming to knowledge about Catholic doctrine. It is a way of seeing and being in the world. As those involved in the ministries of evangelization and catechesis, we have a responsibility to keep these in mind.

Newcomers to the Church should speak less, listen more