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Exorcism – Popular Culture and Church Teaching

Word of Fire Ministries offers an excellent reflection on the popular perception of Exorcisms, as demonstrated through film and television, and compare and contrasts it to what we actually believe and teach as a Church.

Free Study Guide for Reading the Gospel of Matthew

The Catholic Initiatives Project of the American Bible Society has produced a study guide for reading the Gospel of Matthew in both English and Spanish.  They are free to duplicate and use and can be found at

They are designed to be used by an individual who is engaged in an individual reading of the Gospel of Matthew and provide a bit of structure and framework to assist such an individual in making through the Gospel without getting lost or bogged down.

Particularly as the new liturgical year begins next month and we return to Cycle A of the Sunday Lectionary with its emphasis on the Gospel of Matthew, this might be a valuable free resource to make available to interested persons.  Additionally, it could be provided to those already engaged in adult sacramental preparation programs or other adult faith formation programs as a supplemental resource.

If you have any questions regarding these resources, please contact Dr. Mike Carotta, Senior Manager, Catholic Initiatives at the American Bible Society (

Pope Francis addresses the General Congregation of the Jesuits – his view of where they are to head

As the first Jesuit pope in history, it is illuminating to read what Pope Francis had to say to the leadership of the community in which he himself was formed and from which he came regarding his perceptions on where they should be heading.

Pope Francis reflecting on the way personal encounters can transform

In today’s General Audience Pope Francis told a story about the way in which, if one is open, a personal encounter can be transformative and that which was once “smelly” can become “perfume”.

Reflection on how ecclesial ministry is supposed to support secular ministry

A powerful and useful reflection and reminder that those who are engaged in ecclesial ministry (whether ordained or lay) are supposed to be exercising that ministry to support those who are engaged in the world.