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Scholarships Available

Each year Catholic Life Insurance proudly offers two scholarships worth $2,000 through the Rev. Msgr. Larry J. Droll Scholarship Fund.  This scholarship is for Roman Catholics who have attained a bachelor’s degree and are now enrolled in Catholic graduate schools of theology or religious studies.   The deadline to apply is September 15, 2017.  The application can be downloaded from .  If you have any questions, please call 1-800-262-2548.

Nostalgia is inimical to authentic faith

Nostalgia, which looks back to a particular point in the past with longing for its return – no matter what point in the past it might be – is counter-productive at best and idolatrous at worst. An authentic faith, even and especially one grounded in a transcendent hope, must be lived in the present. A helpful reflection and reminder can be found at:

Nostalgia for a “golden age” hurts the Church, both on left and right

The Catholic faith is more than a series of doctrines; it’s a way of seeing and being in the world

This reflection by a convert to Catholicism can be a helpful starting point for those who have been Catholic all their lives to begin to understand how an adequate formation in the faith means much more that merely coming to knowledge about Catholic doctrine. It is a way of seeing and being in the world. As those involved in the ministries of evangelization and catechesis, we have a responsibility to keep these in mind.

Newcomers to the Church should speak less, listen more

Dureza de Corazón-El Gozo del Evangelio


Les compartimos el tema sobre los desafios y retos que afectan al pueblo hispano y hacen

endurecer el corazon hacia la apertura de la fe.

El Gozo del Evangelio

No se olviden que este y todos los viernes a la 1pm CST transmitimos el programa “El Gozo del Evangelio” a través de Radio Maria Houston. Siempre compartimos con ustedes temas para su formación en nuestra fe católica. Las maneras más fáciles de escuchar es a través de las aplicaciones para tu teléfono inteligente.

Para conseguir la aplicación para dispositivos Apple, pulsa aquí:

Para dispositivos Android pulsa aquí:

O también, por computadora, sintonizanos por


Tenemos disponible el archivo de varios programas pasados aquí:


Launching the New Curriculum!

 If you have not been trained on the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston’s new curriculum for grades 1-5, please email us at .  The new curriculum applies the newest learning techniques and assesses the learner’s knowledge. To date we have held three training sessions for Parish Catechetical Leaders and three catechist training sessions for those who use OSV and Loyola parish books.  The curriculum stems from the Archdioceses’ Catechetical Framework and six tasks of catechesis from the Catholic Church’s catechetical documents. Become familiar with the Four Big Ideas that will stretch across all phases of faith formation throughout the life cycle.  Email us at   or ask your DRE.