Reflection on why praying the Liturgy of the Hours, even individually, is powerfully transformative

Many Catholics equate the word “liturgy” with the celebration of the mass.  While mass certainly in liturgy, not every liturgy is a mass.  The Liturgy of the Church is broader and encompasses all official public prayer of the Church.

One part of the Church’s liturgy with which most lay Catholics have little to no familiarity is the Liturgy of the Hours.  While trying to prayer this liturgy used to involve figuring out an intimidating book filled with ribbons and repeated flipping of pages back and forth, today there are numerous website and apps that make it much easier.  (See, for just one example,

Now that the barriers are removed, it is worth reflecting on why it might be worth encouraging more lay Catholics to participate in this liturgy (which is their right, by reason of their baptism).

Here is one reflection on the transformative experience of praying the Liturgy of the Hours regularly.