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Cardinal DiNardo on the Year of Mercy


Lord Jesus, Come!

That acclamation of praise and yearning, of faith and hope, is proclaimed frequently in the season of Advent. It is a time of waiting anew for the mercy of the Lord, a mercy that will be marked in a distinctive way this coming liturgical year by the celebration of a special Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Beginning on Dec. 8, the Jubilee Year of Mercy is a time set aside by our Holy Father Pope Francis to allow the great loving kindness of the Lord to visit us anew and transform us into disciples who have been seized by mercy and live to share it!  Continued at http://www.archgh.org/blog/main.asp?Tid=1822&id=39&cat=Cardinal%20DiNardo

Historic Moment


Three countries will be represented in College of Cardinals for first time.  To read more go to: