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This 110-year-old nun got birthday greetings from Pope Francis

.- She is one of the oldest religious sisters in the world, but this week, she turned 110 years young.  to read more go to:


Pope Francis Addresses World Youth Day


Thousands of young adults are gathering in Krakow, Poland to celebrate the 2016 World Youth Day (July 25-31, 2016).  During this World Youth Day celebration, God’s Mercy will be the theme. The fifth beatitude found in Matthew’s Gospel proclaims “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”  This theme aligns with the Holy Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis. Pope Francis arrives today, Thursday, July 28th and delivers his welcome address at a prayer service.  Catch the latest news and schedule at http://worldyouthday.com/world-youth-day-2016-celebrating-gods-mercy-in-krakow


Pope Francis receives International Charlemagne Prize


“(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Friday received the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen, Germany, from Marcel Philipp, the Lord Mayor of the German city. The International Charlemagne Prize is awarded for work done in the service of European unification. The Prize is named for Charles the Great (Charlemagne), the Franconian king revered by his contemporaries as the “Father of Europe.”‘  To read more go to:


Lenten Disciplines: Fasting & Almsgiving


” For these Forty Days we are conscious of how we must sharpen our senses and focus mind and heart on the Reign of God. We are, above all, aware of those waters in which we were baptized into Christ’s death. We died to sin and evil and began a new life in Christ. The waters of Baptism wait at Lent’s end for the catechumens, but we are called to renew our Baptism as well.”  (From the USCCB Catechetical Corner) https://usccb.force.com/MN4__mnp_viewresource?id=a1I1A00000ZlUmrUAF

“Merciful like the Father”


(Taken from the USCCB website) How can we show others the mercy of God? We say that God is compassionate, but we ignore the poor. We say that God loves us and has mercy on us, but we hold grudges against our friends. Our actions need to authentically reflect God’s mercy. To explore the different ways that you can live out that mercy every day go to: http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/how-we-teach/new-evangelization/jubilee-of-mercy/index.cfm

Pope Francis sends airborne blessing to Mother Angelica


Feb 12, 2016 – 09:28 am .- While on board the plane taking him to Cuba and then Mexico, Pope Francis took a moment to send a special blessing to EWTN’s foundress Mother Angelica, and to ask her for her prayers. To view video, go to: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/pope-francis-sends-airborne-blessing-to-mother-angelica-13531/

October: Month of the Rosary

Lady of the Rosary

As we come to the end of October, please remember to take time to pray the rosary.  There are many tools on the web.  One such tool is on YouTube.  The 4 Mysteries of the Rosary can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIdiktEquMM  or Holy Rosary with the Pope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1xu1pH0F14

Pope Asks for Prayers

Pope Francis reaches to bless a baby during his general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican Sept. 16. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See POPE-AUDIENCE Sept. 16, 2015.

Pope has high hopes for his ‘mission’ to Cuba-U.S., asks for prayers By Carol Glatz Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis asked for prayers for his trip to Cuba and the United States, calling it “a mission” he had high hopes for.

He said while the main purpose of his 10th apostolic journey abroad, Sept. 19-28, was to attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, he also highlighted his planned visit to the United Nations in New York as it marked its 70th anniversary. (For the complete article go to: http://www.catholicnews.com/services/englishnews/2015/pope-has-high-hopes-for-his-mission-to-cuba-and-us.cfm )


How to Prepare for the World Meeting of Families



World Meeting of Families Catechesis Series
The USCCB is excited about the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) being held in Philadelphia in September 2015.  We are presenting a series of short articles focused on the WMOF Catechesis Love is our Mission: The Family Fully Alive and its implications for our daily lives. We will follow the timing suggested by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia by exploring one theme each month leading up to the World Meeting.

For more information go to:  http://www.marriageuniqueforareason.org/category/world-meeting-of-families/


Memorial of St. Monica


“St. Monica was married by arrangement to a pagan official in North Africa, who was much older than she, and although generous, was also violent tempered. His mother Lived with them and was equally difficult, which proved a constant challenge to St. Monica. She had three children; Augustine, Navigius, and Perpetua. Through her patience and prayers, she was able to convert her husband and his mother to the Catholic faith in 370. He died a year later. Perpetua and Navigius entered the religious Life. St. Augustine was much more difficult, as she had to pray for him for 17 years, begging the prayers of priests who, for a while, tried to avoid her because of her persistence at this seemingly hopeless endeavor. One priest did console her by saying, “it is not possible that the son of so many tears should perish.” This thought, coupled with a vision that she had received strengthened her. St. Augustine was baptized by St. Ambrosein 387. St. Monica died later that same year, on the way back to Africa from Rome in the Italian town of Ostia.”  (Catholic Online)