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Pope Francis calls for respecting silence during Mass

ROME – Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the Holy Eucharist by encouraging priests not to be in a hurry and neglect the moment of silence following the Mass’s opening prayer.

To read more go to: https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2018/01/10/pope-francis-calls-respecting-silence-mass/

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday

Next Sunday, Palm Sunday, begins our Holy Week.  This history of Palm Sunday is very interesting.

“Library : History of Palm Sunday | Catholic Culture

As soon as the Church obtained her freedom in the fourth century, the faithful in Jerusalem re-enacted the solemn entry of Christ into their city on the Sunday before Easter, holding a procession in which they carried branches and sang the Hosanna (Matthew 21, 1-11). In the early Latin Church, people attending Mass on this Sunday would hold aloft twigs of olives, which were not, however, blessed in those days.”  To read more, go to:  https://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=105


Prepare for Sunday Mass: The Holy Spirit Empowers

The best way to prepare for Sunday Mass is to pre-read the scriptures that will be proclaimed at Mass.  To determine which readings will be proclaimed go to www.usccb.org where there is a calendar.  Click on the appropriate date and the reading will download.

Our Sunday Visitor is also a source that will also help you make the most out of your participation in Mass.



Novena To The Holy Spirit

The following excerpt taken from the Holy Heroes website:

In our house we’re off and running on this novena to the Holy Spirit.

Dad had a great discussion with the kids the 1st day, asking WHY a Novena to the Holy Spirit before Lent if Jesus is the Person we are trying to imitate.  Very interesting to hear the difference between the kids who have been CONFIRMED already (and Therese, who is in Confirmation classes) and the littler kids.  God’s the Father, Jesus is our adopted brother…but the Holy Spirit is the gift given to us by both!  Let’s not forget Him!

So: here’s everything for Day Three of our novena to the Holy Spirit!

It’s OK if you missed the first and/or the second day. You can catch up on the prayers for DAY ONE HEREand on the prayers for DAY TWO HERE.   If you are late but want to start it now over nine days, don’t fret: you’ll still end very very early in Lent, before the 1st Sunday…with plenty of time to profit from the inspirations of the 3rd Person of the Trinity!

You can read all about why we are praying this novenaHERE.

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40 Ideas for 40 Days of Lent

by Joe Paprocki, D.Min.

When it comes to practicing our faith, Lent is a time of heightened intensity. With Lent upon us, I’m pleased to offer these 40 Lenten activities.

40 Ideas for 40 Days calendarThese activities come from a variety of sources: from my own experience as a catechist, from various websites that I credit accordingly, and from catechists like you who shared their creative ideas with me. The activities are grounded in the symbols, Scripture readings, devotions, and traditions of the Lenten season. Be sure to check this calendar each day to find another Lenten activity that you can adapt for your own setting.

May this Lent be a time of heightened focus on faith formation for you and for those you teach!

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National Day Of Prayer For The African American Family

February 5th is National Day of Prayer for the African American Family.  The National Day of Prayer for the African American and African Family was created by Fr. James Goode, OFM in 1989. It is a day set aside to give special thanks to God for our families and place our every care in the arms of Jesus.

Prepare for the Second Sunday of Advent


Deepen you understanding of scripture during Advent with the USCCB’s guides for “divine reading.” Taken from the USCCB website:

“Lectio divina is a form of meditation rooted in liturgical celebration that dates back to early monastic communities. It was a method practiced by monks in their daily encounter with Scripture, both as they prepared for the Eucharist and as they prayed the Liturgy of the Hours.

The Latin phrase “lectio divina” may be translated as “divine reading.”  As one reads and invites the Word to become a transforming lens that brings the events of daily living into focus, one can come to live more deeply and find the presence of God more readily in the events of each day. The method of lectio divina follows four steps:

  • lectio (reading)
  • meditatio (meditation)
  • contemplatio (contemplation)
  • and oratio (prayer).”

Go to the USCCB’s website to use their Lectio Divina guides to meditate, contemplate, and pray on your spiritual preparation for Advent and Christmas.  http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/liturgical-year/advent/lectio-divina-for-advent.cfm

Lectio Divina for the Second Sunday of Advent   en Español


White Mass Celebrating Healthcare Professionals


White Mass Celebrating Healthcare Professionals
Saturday, October 21, 2016, 5:00 pm
Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
1111 St Joseph Pkwy, Houston, TX 77002

San José Clinic celebrates White Mass every year to honor those involved in healthcare. This year, the Catholic Healthcare Professionals of Houston joins the Clinic to hold White Mass, with Daniel Cardinal DiNardo presiding.

The celebration has added significance as the date is chosen in relation to the Feast of St. Luke, patron Saint of healthcare professionals. All are invited to attend.